AT&T SignMakr
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Sample Football Pic

The AT&T SIGN MAKR uses fast, reliable, and secure AT&T 5G to revolutionize the days of tailgates for the needs of today. Unite with the community and show your team spirit by creating a unique digital sign that’s perfect for sharing on social media. Your design will be uploaded to our digital Fan Collage and could be a part of a game-changing mural created by two of the world’s first fully autonomous robotic arms powered by AT&T 5G.

Sample Football Pic

To bring this to life, we select signs created by fans from across the country and feed them through a custom algorithm created to find the perfect placement within our finished mural. Then, using the speed of AT&T’s 5G network, each design is transferred from an external server to the specially modified robotic arms.

Sample Football Pic

Weighing more than 10 average football players, the 2,455-pound, 5-axis twin robots can move with the speed and precision of an All-American running back – printing each 2 in. by 2 in. design with sub-millimeter accuracy within the larger mural.

Through programming each robotic arm and optimizing placement based upon the color density of each design, the AT&T SIGN MAKR uses the power of AT&T 5G to connect the words of thousands of fans into a history-making work of art.